UBS Credit Card 5x on Amazon and Apple

UBS send out a mailer “5x the points 5x the joy”. The essence of the offer is that one can earn 5x on amazon and apple for up to $5k in combined purchase.

Just pay with your UBS credit card at, or at any Apple retail store between November 1 and December 31, 2017

5x on amazon and apple

There is no need to register for the offer which makes me think this is not a targeted offer. Also notice how the mailer displays both Visa Signature (VS) and Visa Infinite (VI) card so this seems to not be restricted to AF (VI has AF while VS does not) card.

Remember that UBS points (for a lack of a better word) are worth 1cpp in statement credit and up to 1.8 cpp towards travel (DoC). If you’re going to max out $5k then this offer will give you $250 in cashback or $450 towards travel. This may be yet another reason for some of you to jump on the UBS card offering.


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