UBS Visa Infinite 50k Offer Matched!

If you follow this blog then you’re most likely are aware of the UBS Visa Infinite (UBS VI) product but you probably didn’t apply because nobody else applied and they didn’t apply because you didn’t apply. But I applied and was matched to 50k offer, so maybe you can think about getting this card? If not, at least the dozen of you that applied can attempt a match.

Normally, the signup bonus on UBS VI is 50k for UBS clients but only 25k for non-clients. You can become a client by opening a UBS Resource Management Account (RMA) which has an annual fee of $150 (plus other fees). You need to be a UBS client to get online access. In other words, if you only have UBS credit card then you’ll need to do everything over the phone or mail. Additionally, you need to be a UBS client to apply over the phone, otherwise you’ll have to call them at 888-762-1232 and ask a paper application be mailed to you. By this point you can sort of smell why a lot of folks didn’t even bother to open this account for strictly churning purpose.

But may you should open it for churning purpose. If you read my 2 Mil+ Points Earned – Year One of Churning as a Grad Student you know that I had opened a ton of cards…and with time the number of new account/inquiries has obviously gotten worse. Yet without any hiccup UBS handed me a VI product with a decent credit limit. Additionally,

  • The signup bonus (and points earning in general) posts very very fast.
  • There is a 60 day grace period for annual fee refund.
  • You card repetitively churn this card. I was even encouraged to open another VI card by a UBS representative. Because there are very few who’re churning UBS card, it will be a while before UBS introduces Anti-Churning Rules of their own.
  • This card is simply….unexplored by the masses. It may contain greatest glitches and bugs that only 3 people on this planet are abusing. Has anyone added 24 free AU on UBS VI and checked if every single benefit (12 gogo and $250 airline credit come to mind) that is available to main card holder isn’t available all over again to all AUs?

Now, as I said before, you’re likely aware of this card (and you likely posses the power to google) so I won’t bother repeating basic details of the card. You probably came here to read about how I got matched to 50k without being a client, so let’s get on with it.


First, I called the number on the back of the phone but it was of no help. Then I emailed with my concern. Two business days later I received a reply

Your concern/complaint has been sent to our Client Relations team for further review.

If you have further questions or need any assistance, please contact UBS Client Services USA at (888) 279-3343, or e-mail us at We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We can be reached via collect call at (201) 352-5257.

Another two business days later I received an email from stating that an additional 25k points had been deposited into my account. 

UBS Visa Infinite 50k offer matched!

If this is relevant to you then shoot an email right away. Don’t snooze and lose.

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