Review: Intercontinental Las Vegas – The Venetian

There are a lot of hotels in Las Vegas but very few are as iconic as the Venetian. Up until 2015, the Venetian (with the Palazzo) was the largest hotel in the world and now it ranks as the 2nd largest in the world. I decided to use my IHG free night certificate at this hotel and I don’t regret it a bit.

I know I could have used said certificate at a “better” hotel but at the time I thought I wasn’t going to return back to Vegas so I wanted to make our short Vegas stay as comfortable as possible. I knew I wanted to stay at a hotel in the strip but I also spend very little to book the hotel, so Venetina (or Palazzo) seemed rather fitting choice. I eventually decided to go with Venetian because it was themed on Venice, Italy. The Palazzo is the newer hotel (established 2007) and has bigger rooms (starting room has 720 sq ft as opposed to 700 of Venetian).

Nice Staff?

The unfortunate things about a lot of hotel in Vegas is that they charge resort fee and Venetian was no exception. The resort fee of $39 is supposedly for basic things such as the internet and gym usage. I personally got it waived because I had mentioned that wifi in my room was slot and times and even dropped out completely. I did not ask for resort fee to be waived, instead I was simply told that it would be waived because I had poor wifi. At times like this I’m thankful I carry around an unlimited T-Mobile 55+ plan.

At check-in I was asked if I wanted to upgrade which I declined but then I was told that because I was here for a short stay, they were going to upgrade me anyway.

indoor Gondola

The next thing I sort of lucked out with is that I was offered a free Gondola ride when visiting that part of the hotel. When I inquired if it is always free, I was told typically it is $30 but it is free for couples. I tried to look up information on Gondola being free for couples but I found no such thing online. Anyway, I passed on the free ride because I thought I was getting late for airport.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the folks at this hotel because they were doing things for me without me asking for it.

My Room

I had booked “bella suite 2 queen beds 700 sq ft” room and we loved the room.  The hotel allows up to 4 people in this room but one could comfortably squeeze in more people.

bathroom is a lot more spacious than it looks
view from my room

Overall Thought

Despite the resort fee, lack of free water bottle, and mini-fridge having absolute 0 extra space, I still enjoyed this hotel.

I sent out some pics to my parents and they really liked it so I might take them to this hotel someday but I don’t think I would want to visit the hotel 3rd time around.

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