T-Mobile 55+ Plan is a BEAST!

Recently I wrote a post on Churning Internet Bill – RCN and how it lowered my bill by $20/month. Today I’ll talk about a cellphone plan that is going to be super convenient for me and will save me money. The said plan is called “T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55” or simply “55+” plan from T-Mobile. This is more or less the same as “T-Mobile One” plan except it

  • requires primary holder to be at least 55 year old
  • can only have a maximum of 2 lines
  • does not include Netflix even if you have 2 lines and
  • is not eligible for kickbacks.

Cost and Fees

  1. the cost of 1st line is $60 and the of 2nd line is $10 (tax included).
  2. enabling auto-pay (use a card with cellphone insurance) will result in a $10 discount, thus netting a mere cost of $60 for two lines or $50 for one (tax included) .


  • unlimited 4G LTE smartphone data
  • unlimited text and talk
  • no annual service contracts or overages. In other words, you can leave anytime and it won’t cost you a dime.
  • Canada & Mexico included free – call, text, and surf the web in Mexico and Canada like you do in the U.S.
  • unlimited data with up to 5GB of 4G LTE in Mexico and Canada at no extra charge
  • an hour of complimentary data at 30K feet with Gogo and
  • unlimited data almost everywhere else (140+ countries) in the world (T-Mobile) at 128 kbps


An hour Gogo pass is nice and 128 kbps is better than nothing but if you want more than there are add-ons you can pay for. Unfortunately, you’ve to buy separate add-ons for each lines. Fortunately, these add-ons can be turned on and off as you please.

One Plus (cost +$10/line)

  • unlimited data and texting on all Gogo-equipped domestic flights
  • 10 GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data
  • unlimited premium connectivity with unlimited HD video streaming
  • unlimited data in 140+ global destinations at twice the speed (up to 256 kbps)
  • visual voicemail and name ID for voicemail-to-text and superior caller ID

One Plus International (cost +$25/line)

  • stateside international talk (T-Mobile)
  • free Gogo Wi-Fi all flight long
  • unlimited 4G LTE data while travelling in Canada and Mexico
  • unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot
  • unlimited HD passes
  • unlimited data in 140+ global destinations at twice the speed (up to 256 kbps)
  • visual voicemail and name ID for voicemail to text and superior caller ID

on all T-Mobile plans, during congestion, the small fraction of customers using >50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization  

Summary and Thoughts

You get a two feature packed lines for $60. Plus as a T-Mobile customer may participate in T-Mobile Tuesdays (T-Mobile) for weekly freebies. Last but not least, the ability to turn on/off add-ons may come in handy during trips.

Prior to joining this plan, I was thinking about joining Project-Fi from Google but for now Fi has become an afterthought. Project-Fi costs $30 for one line (with 1 GB data) and $55 for two (with 1 GB data each). The worst part of Fi is probably the fact that it has extremely limited selection of eligible phones. Regardless, I may eventually get a Fi line for extra coverage during travel. The fact that Fi billing can be frozen for 3 months may come super handy.



  1. Wait how is it better than the reg TMo One plan? It’s also $50 w all fees/taxes incld + adding additional lines is also $10, and I believe upto 4 lines.

    Are you 55? Even if you’re I don’t see how anyone would choose this over the reg plan? All the bennies & addons are available on the reg plan w/o even having to setup autopay for the discount (perhaps reg even has a further discount for setting up autopay & it also comes w no contract)

    • regular unlimited plan costs far more. If it is costing less to you then you’re probably grandfathered into a old plan. At the moment 2 regular lines costs $120 but it gets cost/line gets cheaper as you add more (up to 4 as you said). See https://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone-plans/

      Yes I’m aware that those add-ons aren’t anything new from regular plan. I just added that section for completeness.

      And no, I’m not 55. I simply know someone who is.

  2. Ah gotcha. But yeah man if you stop by a tmo store they can hook you up most anytime of the year w the $50 deal on tmo One or SCNA plans. Don’t even have to wait around for the online specials 😉

    Anyways, for this plan to work you’d have to sign up thru someone who was over 55 tho right? Basically you’d get added as the 2nd line & split costs w em.

    • Yes, you need someone that is 55 or over. I did not know about cheaper offer in store. Is that for certain duration or permanent?

  3. I believe the deal is associates can offer certain incentives to meet sales quotas. So the options are available on the table if someone is willing to hook you up, they can get it thru. So better to go on a Friday, esp towards the end of the month – perhaps a store that is struggling to get or meet quotas. Or if you have a friend who works there as a sales associate, ask em more about it 😉 smart folks are used to win-win-win situations, easy commission for em.

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