“Never” use Uber and Lyft Referrals

The title pretty much says it all – never use Uber and Lyft referrals. If you try to google for signup bonuses you’ll end up with sites that claim they’re giving you lucrative bonuses, say $50, but the reality is that once you use their code you’ll probably end up with something like $10 credit.

The other reason for not using referrals is because there are better signup offers. There is often a Chase/Amex uber code that takes off up to $30 off your first ride. If you travel and churn phone numbers (more on that some other day) like I do then it is rather trivial to minimize such offers. If uber codes below try to google for one for one that does.

Chase $30 uber code is chaseuber

Amex $30 uber code is uberamex

On the contrary good 1st time Lyft codes are harder to find but I’ve had success contacting Lyft support and getting decent new user promo attached to my account. I once had been granted an up to $50 discount that worked as such – $5 discount on first 10 rides taken within what appeared to be about 3 week time period. 

Phone Number Already on Uber/Lyft?

Sometimes my new phone number are already on Uber/Lyft and as such I can’t use 1st time codes through the app. In this case I shoot a support message and

  • Uber has told me to take a ride and contact them afterward so they can reduce fare on my 1st ride by up to $30
  • Lyft has attached $50 promo mentioned above and also applied said promo to the 1st ride I had already taken that very day


The saying “never say never” is a saying for a reason so what are the exceptions here? The most obvious exception I can think of is if you’re referring yourself/family and if you’re not going to fully maximize $30/$50 codes. For example, in above scenario $15 Lyft referral (for referred and referrer each) which comes in the form of $5 discount on first 3 rides might be a better plan that $50 promo.

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