Great Mint SIM Deal: $45 for 6 months + $15 Swagbucks

Currently Mint SIM is offering 6 month 2 GB/MO 4G LTE service for a total of $45. They’re also offering 5 GB/MO and 10 GB/MO for a total of $60 and $75 respectively. Currently there is a code “freeshipping” that waives shipping fee. Mint seems to charges $2.50 “recovery fee”. You may read more about this on slickdeals.

total cost of 2 GB/MO plan for 6 months

$48.29 for 6 months is a pretty decent deal as it is but what really sweetens this is the Swagbucks offer of $15 for signing up for 2 GB/MO plan. The $15 from Swagbucks should post about 10 days later or so.

All in all this deal comes out to be $30 for 6 month of 2 GB/MO 4G LTE which is fantastic. The $30 cost can easily be offset by something like a single new user uber code from chase/amex.


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