Maximizing Charity: Kiva and Gift of College

Update: I completely forgot that Kiva has not generated 3x FlexPoints  since July of 2017 (frequentmiler).

Once upon a time US Bank used to be the king of cashback on charities. One could select “charity” as a 5% category on Cash+ card but as of Feb 2017 (reddit, doc) said category has been replaced by “ground transportation”.  Flexperk (FP) still earns 3x on charity but the starting Jan, 1, 2018 the earning rate will be lowered to 2x and the program all together will have a flat 1.5 cpp. All of this nerf lead me to writing the post I Ditched US Bank’s FlexPerk and You Should Too!

So, what are the current options? The obvious one is to keep milking 3x on FP and cash out FP at 2 cpp before new year. The other option is to join Dupage CU (reddit) because they offer 5x on charity (which is really 4.76% cash back) but they’re Illinois based CU that is geographically restrictive (no, Chicago does not qualify).

The other major option is VantageWest Connect Rewards which gives 5% cash back on charity for up to $1500 spend each quarter. I suppose the purpose of this post is to just let you know that VantageWest has been working great for me. The points post rather quick and redeeming points is rather easy as well.

5% cash back on charity

If you’re going to join the CU remember there is $2000 funding opportunity and that the card has MS friendly categories as well. Unfortunately, there is no signup bonus on the card which understandably can be a huge letdown for some of you.



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