Little Known $2k funding opportunity – VantageWest CU

Yesterday I wrote about 5% Connect Rewards from VantageWest. I talked about everything from the good and the bad of the credit card to how to go on about joining the VantageWest Credit Union (CU) without living in selected area of AZ. What I purposely avoided to talk about is that while joining the CU there is a $2k funding opportunity.

While joining the CU you’re required to open a “Regular Share” account with a minimum of $5. You can use visa/mastercard to fund your account for up to $2k. I ended up funding it with a Citi Thank You Business and it coded as “business services”.

funding VW regular share account with Citi Thank You Business card

If you’re going to go this route then I would say to hurry up. Often then not credit card funding opportunities from credit unions don’t last very long. Remember that for most people there is a cost of $15 to join this credit union.

Vantage also offers checking account and I would assume there is some funding opportunity there as well. I might explore this route when I’ve a non-amex card that require funding.

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