Learning from Denials #3

In my last round of applications I went back to basics and selectively chose banks that I had a history of approval. Getting 5 new cards was good enough at the time and once again I wanted to test the water.

Synchrony Stash (50k)

Why did I apply?

It is always good to diversity your hotel points and I’ve very little choice in this matter since I’m through Amex and Chase hotel cards. Also at the time it seemed like this was a 50k offer for everyone but supposedly that didn’t work out for everyone.

Synchrony Cathay Pacific (50k)

Why did I apply?

Some reddit post suggested combining pull with Stash card but that did not work for me. I ended up with two distinct inquires in my TransUnion report specifically mentioning Cathy an Stash.

Barclay Jetblue (60k)

Why did I apply?

because 60k is no brainer.

Barclay AA or Something

Why did I apply?

Combined pull with Jetblue.

US Bank Altitude Reserve

Why did I apply?


US Bank Club Carson Personal

Why did I apply?

Try to combine inquires plus the fact that hotel points are always useful.

FNBO Best Western Personal (50k)

Why did I apply?

I jumped on BW cards the moment I saw 10k/night offer (DoC).

FNBO Best Western Biz (48-80k)

Why did I apply?

I jumped on BW cards the moment I saw 10k/night offer. Previously I had first hand experience of FNBO personal and biz inquires not combining but I did not mind.

Results and Thoughts

Denied. For. Every. Single. App. Above.

It is clear to me that above banks aren’t going to work out for me unless I take an extended break.

After above denial spree I decided to take a short break from opening new personal credit card and surprisingly I followed through that. Now I’m patiently waiting to churn a TYP card and IHG card (24 month time is almost up on both).

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