Learning from Denials #2

My last round of applications was a rather tough one to swallow so I ended up going back to basics and working with banks that I know would approve me. In no particular order here are the cards I went with:

Amex Everyday Preferred (30k)

Easy Amex approval as usual. I ended up cancelling my oldest Amex credit card to open up my 5th slot though.

Amex Business Rewards Gold (75k)

Another easy Amex approval. I ended up trading 2 x United pass for a 75k mailer. I will admit that such mailer can be found for cheaper but I didn’t care.

The fact that Amex business app does not report to personal report was a major plus for me.

Amex Delta Plat Business (70k + $100)

Yet Another easy Amex approval. As usual I only apply for Amex cards during their highest signup offer. Also Amex business app not reporting to personal report is a major plus.

UBS Visa Infinite (25k-50k)

I applied for it because it seemed interesting and I wanted to mess around with this card.  As I mentioned in another post, I was matched to 50k offer which I think is a major win.

Citi AA Biz #2 (40k-60k)

Citi pulls Equifax for me and Equifax is my least used report so I didn’t think I would have much trouble getting this card and I was right.

This was my second AA Biz and I had applied through a 40k mailer without 1/24 language. I later SMed to get matched to 60k public offer. I obviously could have looked for a 60k or so mailer and SMed to get matched to an even higher offer but I didn’t bother to look around.

Chase Marriott Business (80k)

I thought this would be a easy one but it wasn’t. I was asked to fax my ID which I did. I later received a letter asking me to mail them the ID and I obviously complied but that lead nowhere. I have no idea what happened with this app and I didn’t care to find out.

Overall Though

5/6 approval felt good at the time but later on I wish I had followed up on my Marriott app. It doesn’t help that my Marriott points balance is around 5k only.



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