Drop: Spend $40 on Giftagram get $30 plus $20 Giftagram Referral


DROP: referral code nk3q7 – I get 5k 1k 5k points and I think you do too

Giftagram: referral code DB259664 – you get $15 $20 and I get $15 $20

11/8/2017 UPDATE: review page dispayed tax but tax was never charged

10/31/2017 UPDATE: Drop has boosted the offer to “earn 30,000 pts when you spend at least $40” making this a pleasing offer for sure.

A new, likely targeted, Drop offer came through today – “earn 20,000 pts when you spend at least $40”. This offer has an expiration date of April 30, 2018.

Anyway, I had never heard of Giftagram so I looked it up and it turned out to be your typical no-website-app-only-gift-selling-thingy. They don’t have a whole lot of selection (ex: no dress), seem a bit pricey at times, and charge a nasty $9 shipping fee in all but one under $50 item. Among other things they offer flowers, wine glasses, teapot, garden boxes, candle, and jewelries.

But they do have a referral program and entering someone else’s code (PM me if you want mine) after you join Giftagram will instantly yield you a $15 credit. This credit will be deduced off your total i.e. it can be used to negate shipping and tax as well. Note that the referrer gets $15 credit after your first purchase.


You’re probably thinking this is a “$55 item for $20” deal but that assumes you value 20k Drop points at $20 and you stick with free ship items. Also on a quick look I see that tax is as high as 13 percent. I personally did not find any item I want but I see that there might be resell potential with some item.

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