Do GiftaGram TODAY! $10 for $75 Merchandise

UPDATE:  Referral bonus down to $15 for both parties. Our referral code BP247991 gives $15 credit.

If you don’t know about Drop-Giftagram stuff then read my old post here.

If you’ve not done Drop-Giftagram offer then do it TODAY because:

  • Drop is offering 1.5x booster on Giftagram which means currently you get 30k points (normal 20k) for spending $40 on Giftagram.
  • Normally Giftagram offers free shipping on all items at or above $50 but until the end of this month they’re offering free ship on everything above $25.
  • TODAY ONLY Giftagram is offering 20% off on all orders.
  • Giftagram typically offers a referral bonus of $15 credit for both parties but currently they’re offering $20 credit for both. Yes this stacks with everything above.
  • The checkout page may state that tax is charged but it isn’t
  • As of few days ago they had an offer of get $15 credit for spending $50 or more but I’m not sure if it is still a thing.

Overall, you’ll buy $75 worth item for $40 (due to $20 referral and 20% off) then you’ll get $30 in giftcard from drop. This is almost like saying you’re spending $10 and getting $75 worth of item.

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