Review: InterContinental San Francisco

I have previously said that Chase IHG card is one of My Top 3 Keeper Hotel Credit Cards. The best aspect of the card is that for a mere AF of $49 it comes with an annual free night certificate that knows no category restriction. Well, my free night certificate was few months away from expiration and I as such I had decided to burn it on a stay at the InterContinental San Francisco (IC SF).

InterContinental San Francisco

The Room

The bedroom was fairly standard but what quickly caught my eye was the pricing of water bottles and the fact that some priced consumable had been left out in open.

no complimentary water bottles

We had brought our own food but the minibar had very little place to store food.

very little extra space in minibar

So I tried moving a little bit of stuff to squeeze in my food but by then the automatic minibar had charged me around $50. Obviously I was able to get that fee waived during checkout.

Anyway, moving on to the bathroom – fairly standard stuff again. However, I wasn’t very found of bathroom amenities and I can’t pinpoint the why I feel that way.

Lastly, the view from my room was….alright.

Overall Thought

It is a decent hotel but I will avoid burning free night certificate at IC SF again. The location is probably the best thing about this hotel and saying that is a stretch in itself.

Oh and there is yet another IC hotel in SF called Mark Hopkins but from what I’ve heard IC SF is supposedly better than Hopkins. There is a decent incline before you get to Hopkins, plus Hopkins does not seem to have as many restaurants nearby.

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