Review: Hyatt Regency Kathmandu #2

I reviewed Hyatt Regency Kathmandu Review almost a year ago. Last time I had booked suite room for 3 days at a total cost of 24k but this time around it was standard room booking at a rate of 5k points per day. I will try to not repeat the same content.

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

The Lobby

outside the entrance to the lobby

The highlight of the lobby is easily the musicians playing folk music on Nepalese musical instruments.

a view of the lobby with musicians in the background

If you fancy listening to folk music you can chill out in this space right behind the musicians.

relax and listen to music

Room in 7th Floor

7th floor lobby

One of the rooms I had during my stay was one the top floor (7th). I think 7th floor easily has the best room. First there are only 3 rooms in 7th floor. Plus rooms in 7th floor are behind yet another door that requires a key card.

hallway of 7th floor

This is the only floor that has a balcony outside of the room. You get a view of hotel rooftop which almost looks like that of a Nepalese temple. well, that’s because this hotel is build in traditional Newari style of Nepalese architecture. You may have noticed (as early as lobby pictures) that architecture is a huge focus of this hotel.

As I said before we chose the standard room. There is only one standard room in the 7th floor. The other one is a beautiful yet expensive presidential room and I believe the last one is the executive suite.

I’ve already covered the bathroom amenities and so forth before so I won’t go over it again. I will mention again that this hotel does provide a fruit basket and occasionally sculpture in one room may vary from the one in another room. Again this goes back to my point that this property really likes to display Nepalese architecture.

view from my private balcony

From the room you can view the swimming pool and you also have a clear view of the Boudhanath Stupa. It was nice to see that the damage on the Stupa from the devastating earthquake (see previous review) had been repaired off.

The Regency Club

The Regency Club

The great thing about the club is that it offers complementary coffee, tea, soft drink, juice, and perhaps even cookies throughout the day. I like that they offer lychee juice (it is canned though).

They also have the board, pieces, and instructions for those willing to play the famous Nepalese board game Bagh-Chal (Tiger Game).


In the evening the club offers complimentary drinks and canapés. Nepalese and Indian food here was great but everything else (read western food) was so-so.

chat with yogart and pokada with chutney


We received complimentary breakfast due to my “explorist” status (thanks to mlife trick). You can order dosa (plain or masala) and/or omlet on the spot. They also have a standby cook making juice with any mix of your choice. Bottled juice is also available but on one day I though it was awful. Their buffet breakfast has a lot more to offer than what is shown below.


The gym has all the basic equipment but treadmills are the most popular and often the only one used.

In my previous review I mentioned that this property is huge (37 acres to be exact) and they’ve made good use of it by introducing a small yet efficient jogging track. In this trail you’ll see various labeled flowers and plants (some with fruits). Why Hyatt guests were choosing treadmill over a rare clean and beautiful trail in a polluted city is beyond me.

jogging track

The business center although costly (with respect to local market) is rather well-equipped.

a view of the property




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