Product Change Chase Ritz-Carlton Card to Marriott Card

A while ago someone on reddit claimed that someone else s/he knew said that s/he was able to convert his/her Chase Ritz-Carlton card card to Marriott card. Since Ritz belongs in the Marriott family it made sense that such product change was available but such product change had not been heard of until that day. Soon after I had quickly fired up an email asking for product conversion and I was given a “no”.

Please be advised, the option to change your account to a different product is not available. The Ritz-Carlton® is a partner card and cannot be changed to
any other card outside the product family. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

I still wanted to believe on the possibility of converting Ritz card to a Marriott card and as such I speculated that I was denied a product change because I had not held Ritz card for a year. Well, recently I hit the 1 year mark and made another product change request but time around I was given two product change options:

  1. Marriott Rewards Visa Signature with AF of $45
  2. Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Signature with an AF of $85.

I’d be happy to assist you with a card that better suits your needs. I see that you have the option to switch to the Marriott Rewards® Visa Signature Credit Card and the Marriott Rewards Premier® Visa Signature Credit Card. Here is more information on these cards:

Marriott Rewards® Visa Signature Credit Card: The Annual Fee for this product is $45. Earn 3 pts/$1 on qualifying Marriott transactions, 1 pt/$1 other purchases. The Marriott Rewards Credit Card offers cardmembers the ability to earn points on all purchases that can be redeemed for free hotel stays at Marriott locations worldwide, Marriott merchandise and much more. Product includes a 3% foreign transaction fee for any transactions made in a currency other than U.S. Dollars, which may include internet sites based outside of the United States. Marriott Rewards Premier® Visa Signature Credit Card: The Annual Fee for this product is $85. Earn 5 points for
every $1 at Marriott, 2 points for every $1 spent at restaurants, on airline tickets – when purchased directly with the airline, at car rental agencies, and 1 point for
every $1 spent on all other purchases. Pts earned are posted to the CMs Marriott Rewards account at Marriott.


This has two fold consequence:

  1. If you’re past 5/24 then the new (and only) way a get a Marriott card is by PC’ing a Ritz card.
  2. Because of #1, Marriott card falls even further in the list of 5/24 cards that you should prioritize when you’re under 5/24.


  1. TP Hi if I do not use my 3 free nights at the Ritz, do they expire? Or if I cancel or change RC Card, do I lose my 3 free nights. Like your blog, will be a daily reader.

    • These certs expire 1 year from the day they’re issued. Once the certs are in your Ritz/Marriott account, they’re yours and cancelling or PC’ing Ritz card will have no effect on certs.

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