Prestige 15% Relationship Bonus w/o CitiGold or Global Client

Citi Prestige card holders are eligible for 4 banking relationship bonus. For example, if you are a Prestige card holder and have Citigold banking account (monthly fee $30) then you qualify for a 15% TYP relationship bonus. You can read more about this in DoC’s article.

But the interesting thing is – I don’t (and nor did I ever) have a Citigold account and I still got 15% relationship bonus. Oh and for the record I’m not a Global Client either. As a matter of fact I’ve never had any non credit card product with Citi.

So what happened? Last year I had obtained $350 AF Prestige card through an in branch application. Technically speaking $350 offer is supposed to be reserved for Citigold members but if you ask nicely they’ll lock you into $350 offer even w/o Citigold status.


In other TYP related news:

  1. I continue to get free 100 pts on Forward every month. If you have this card then consider making at least one purchase ($0.5 amazon load will do) on this card every month.
  2. I’ve finally earned my 10k annual bonus on Access More card. This was all possible because of rent payment through radpad (rip) and plastiq which also yielded me 3x+ bonus.
  3. Through my retention offer I continue to earn 3x on ALL purchases on my Access More card. This also means I’m earning 5x on plastiq.

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