Prestige Loophole: get paid $100 annually to hold this card!

So you know how Prestige costs $450 in AF but if you apply in branch it only costs $350 even if you don’t have Citi Gold status? On top of that because Prestige has an easy $250 airline credit, the effective annual fee can be $100. But what if I told you there is a way to make it even cheaper? Instead of paying $100 to Citi, would it not be cooler if Citi paid you $100?


The trick is to lower your credit limit to $2000. 2k is the lowest you can go and this can be done through a simple chat. Once you have done this your next annual fee will be $150 but because there is $250 airline credit, Citi is practically paying you $100 to keep this amazing card.

Oh and if you’re near renewal (hell 6 months away from renewal is fine as well as long as you space out acceptance of retention offer by about 12 months) don’t forget to get a retention offer. I got 10k offer after $3k spend in 6 months which is another $100-125 free money. This $150 (or to be precise -$100) AF trick worked for me on 2nd renewal but I’m guessing this trick will work as soon as your 1st AF is due.

My 2 cents:

At the moment this loophole is one reddit thread away from being viral. Once that happens Citi is bound to close this loophole. Citi ought to also eventually do a mass fix on $350 loophole by enforcing Citi Gold status requirement, not offering it anymore, or even sending out a year advance notice on AF increase from $350 to $450.  That said, I don’t think anyone using this trick will face adverse action because (1) everyone who lowers AF isn’t necessarily looking to abuse a loophole (2) folks have forever abused AA loophole and gotten away with it. I won’t be surprised if extreme cases of (2) eventually face some consequence but Citi will probably manage to mess up that as well.


  1. This is awesome, did you figure this loophole out yourself? I pledge not to be the one who posts this on /r/churning.

    Found my way here through a DoC shout out. Great content!

  2. hey bud, this is interesting. just curious why would the AF become $150? afaik the CARD act just says the AF cant be more than 25% of CL. however 25% of $2k is $500 which is more than the reg $450 AF on this card.

    so just wondering how exactly this works or why? … also what if you got the card w/ $450 AF, what does it go down to if you lower your CL to $2k?!

    • Adam, I dunno why it works. At this point it has become a cliché to say “Citi being Citi” but that is probably all there is to it.

      I vaguely recall someone mentioning that this has worked with $450 AF.

      • hah, touché. do you know if the $450 AF folks also had their fee drop to $150? that’d save me a trip to visit a Citibank branch. w/the new Prestige bonus being bumped upto 75k TYP in a few days, I’m thinking about applying for it (online preferably)

        thanks once again for the heads up!

  3. Thank you for your informative website. Your posts are always so helpful. Does this loophole work for the 1st annual fee? If so, when do you suggest asking for the lower credit limit (e.g., 1 week after approval)? Grateful for any suggestions you might have.

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