I Schwabed out $8k+ in Membership Rewards!

Points are nice but paying off a portion of a loan is better. My long term goal with Membership Rewards (MR) has always been to cash out using Schwab Platinum at 1.25 cpp. In last few months of holding Schwab Platinum I seem to have cashed out over $8k worth of MR. This is not intended to be a brag post so please don’t view it as such. If I was trying to brag I would not be talking about cashing out points. 

Cards and Signup Bonus

The signup bonus towards this redemption came from 11 cards and ranged from 10k to 100k. I earned 520k MR from signup bonuses but only paid $1095 in annual fee. I’m highlighting this simply to illustrate how cost efficient it is to earn MR points through signup bonuses. Above number (520k) does not including points earned while meeting minimum spend requirement (MSR) or those earned through referrals.

Card Name Signup Bonus (in MR) 1st Year Annual Fee
Regular Platinum 100k 450
Business Platinum 100k + 110 from referral 0
Premier Rewards Gold 50k 0
Regular Gold (discontinued) 25k 0
Ameriprise Gold 25k 0
Green 25k 0
Blue Business (discontinued) 10k 0
Business Blue Plus 20k 0
Schwab Platinum 60k 550
Every Day Preferred (EDP) 30k 95
Business Rewards Gold (BRG) 75k 0
Total 630k @ 1.25 cpp = $7875 $1095



  1. Extremely lucky to have gotten in on the biz Plat w the $0 AF glitch. Otoh, lower signup bonus compared when I did mine for the 150k bonanza a cpl yrs ago.

    • I think the better part of it was also the 25k referral bonus that was going on at the time. It was the only MR based card that I refereed people for.

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