Dead Deal: “Unlimited” Uber Credit

By now all credit card fanatics know that personal platinum card from American express gives monthly uber credit of $15 (extra +$20 in December). But not many knew that a platinum card added to uber profile continued to provide credit even after the card was no longer valid. In other words, a cancelled platinum card continued to provide monthly uber credit. Now you’re probably wondering where does this “unlimited” part come from?

The “unlimited” part comes from the fact that you could “lose” your platinum card over and over again and get Amex to issue you platinum cards with new numbers. Obviously this trick was better for those who held multiple platinum cards.

Eventually uber would not allow you to add any more cards but if you wanted to be pushy, you could attempt to add new platinum cards through uber eats. You might still not be able add the card as a payment option but somehow the free uber credit would get activated.

card providing uber credit is marked as “Amex Benefit”


Great deals don’t last long.

P.S. There is another “unlimited” uber credit deal going on at the moment.


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