Plastiq gave me 2k FFD for sending erroneous email

A while ago, Plastiq was running a targeted promotion “for every 20 friends you refer to Plastiq from now until February 28, 2017, you will earn 10,000 fee-free dollars.” 20 referral in a short period of time is no joke so I never expected to get 10k fee-free dollars (FFDs). But out of the blue sometime in first week of February I received an email titled “Less than a month to earn 10,000 fee-free dollars”. The email claimed that I was only “1 referral away from earning 10,000 fee-free dollars!”

Needless to say I had not referred 19 people by then but nevertheless a small part of me hoped that someone would eventually signup with my referral and I would somehow magically get 10k FFDs. Then around the end of the promo someone did signup using my referral link and as expected I only got referral bonus for referring a single person.

Eventually on a boring day I decided to write an email to Plastiq. It was essentially a 3-4 line email expressing my [FAKE] disappointment for not receiving 10k FFD even though I had done what was told of me (i.e. refer 1 person). Like always Rebecca was the one to respond to my email. She pointed out that I had only made 2/20 referral but ended up giving me 2k FFD anyway. I could have probably pushed it further but I was fairly surprised and satisfied with free 2k FFD.

Moral of the story:

don’t be lazy to write 3-4 line emails.

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