Nepal is Beautiful.

This post contains 11 pictures from 7 major travel destinations in Nepal namely Kathmandu, Pokhara, Mustang, Chitwan, Lumbini, Ilam, and Dharan. For most part, I’m purposely avoiding sharing pictures of stuff that would popup when you search “Nepal”, “Nepal nature”, or something similar in google. In other words, minimal or no picture of mount Everest, Swayambhunath, Mayadevi temple, or something of that nature.

imgur pic dump

This post exists simply because I wanted to share some of the pictures I recently took. I’m no photographer so if you’re an expert on all things photography then do pardon my lack of photography skills.

With an exception of #7 and #9, all pics below were taken from by an old Cybershot camera. This camera is nothing special but I mentioned it pretty much because had I not done so someone was bound to ask me that question, then I would have to find my camera to figure out what I’ve been using all this time.

1. Monkey in the Monkey Temple

Monkey in Swayambhu Hilltop, Kathmandu

One of the major attraction of Kathmandu is Swayambhunath temple also known as the Monkey Temple. It is located in a hilltop and from there you can have a decent view of the Kathmandu city. I shared some Swayambhu pics in my Crowne Plaza Kathmandu-Soaltee Review.

2. Phewa Lake

Phewa Tal, Pokhara

I think Pokhara is among the very few extremely beautiful yet easily accessible cities in Nepal. I think a major reason for that is the Phewa Tal. You can take a shared boat ride to the Tal Barahi Temple, which is situated in on an island on the Fewa lake, for as little as Rs 30. A solo hour long boat ride costs Rs 400-500.

3. Chandagiri Cable Car

A view of Kathmandu from a cable car leading to Chandragiri Hill

There is a newly opened, around 1 year old, cable car service to Chandragirl Hill. The whole ride lasts 9-12 minutes but as I recall it took nearly 2 hours of standing in a line before getting to the 9 minute of fun…and from what I’ve been told Manakamana cable car experience surpasses this one by a lot. Oh and we waited 20-30 minutes in a line before we could sit on a cable car and come back down.

The temperature can get fairly cold there and it can even snow on these hilltops. If the weather is good you can get a fantastic view of the Himalayas but knowing Kathmandu that will (almost) never happen.

Normal rate is Rs 700 for Nepali but they do run various discounts. Normal tourist rate is $22 for tourist but no tourist was to be seen…and for a good reason.

4. Tirshuli River

Tirshuli River

This was taken from a bus in route to Kathmandu. I’ve no idea where exactly this is.

5. Bungee and Zipline Pokhara

Bungee and Zipline, HighGround Adventures, Pokhara

On the left you see equipment for bungee and on the right you see zipline, both of these are run by a company called HighGround Adventures. This zipline is supposedly the tallest, longest, and steepest in the world but it isn’t scary at all. The bungee jump is mere 70 meter fall which turns into about 3 second of free fall. Definitely pass this bungee and try 160 meter fall at Bhotokoshi (run by Last Resort).

6. Chitwan National Park

jeep safari, Chitwan National Park

This picture was taken while on a jeep safari in Chitwan National Park. A half day ride costs Rs 1500 for Nepali citizens. You need to book an entire jeep for a full day ride and it costs about Rs 10k for a group of up to 10 people.

7. Paragliding over Dharan

paragliding over Dharan

In our short trip yet extremely fast paced trip to eastern Nepal, we made a stopover in Dharan. The sole purpose was to para glide off Bhedetar hill. Most people who para glide here are locals and travelers from Jhapa district. Tourists are far better paragliding in Pokhara as there are far more para pilots in Pokhara and to begin with Pokhara is likely a destination of anyone tourist who visits Nepal anyway.

8. Tea Garden

tea garden above buspark of Ilam

Before we made our stop in Dharan city we visited Ilam district all the way east of Nepal. Ilam is famous for its tea garden. Tea from this part of Nepal is often imported to western countries.

9. water boat from temple to temple

water boat to get from one temple to another

While in Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, you need some form of transportation to get from one temple to another, so, when possible, why not take a water boat?

10. Jomsom, Mustang

Jomsom, Mustang

If you go to Nepal then a trip to Mustang is a must do but getting there isn’t easy. You can read my  Trip Report: Mustang – Jomsom – Muktinath for detailed info.

11. Sangha

Sangha, Kathmandu

Supposedly this is the world’s tallest (143 ft) statue of Lord Shiva. The target audience of Sangha is obviously the Nepali and Indian tourist. If you, as a tourist visiting Nepal, see it from a bus or a plane then you now know what it is.


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