How to partially reset Ink Plus 2x & 5x category cap on first 50k expenses

As you might know Ink Plus only gives 2x (gas & hotel) and 5x (office stores & some bills) on the first $50k spend respective categories. However, there is apparently a rather straight forward way to partially reset it. When I saw the reset and realized what had happened, I was rather dumbfounded by the fact that I didn’t know about this sooner.

Essentially because Chase is parting ways with Ink Plus, I decided to product change to Ink Cash and voila my category limits were partially reset. Had I MSed 50k before PC, I could MS another 25k.


Additionally, I somehow got prorated refund. I’ve had Ink Plus since early 2016 yet I got a decent chunk of it refunded to me.


Last but not least, my referral link for Ink Plus still works and gives me referral bonus. I know this because I refereed my family member recently. I can also confirm that Chase is still matching (as of less than a week ago) 70k on Ink+


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