Great Try The World Food Deal – WILL DIE?

UPDATE: poor reviews/ratings and partnership with Hyatt abruptly ended; see comment section for details.


My referral link below earns me $15 food credit.  When you subscribe, you get 1 free box.

non-affiliate link is

Lately, it seems like every deal I post here is on a verge of death. Let’s hope this one lasts a bit longer than the rest.

What is this deal?

Long story short, you get 2 Try The World box (South Africa and Chile) for $33.15. Each box contains “7 to 8 gourmet delicacies”.

  1. Use either link provided at the beginning of the post.
  2. Choose your subscription model. If you want 2 for $33.15 then choose “pay every month” box.
  3. During checkout use code “JAMbeauty89” to get 30% off. This is a ~3 year old code of a youtuber by the same name and it somehow still works. This is the part of this deal that is likely to die off as I don’t think this coupon is supposed to work anymore.
  4. Note that shipping to office address gets you $1 reward/box shipped.

Yes, above coupon also works on year long subscription. A year long subscription normally costs $348 but above code will give you a discount of $52.20 thus yielding a total of $295.80.

Try The World Box

But wait there is more – $4 snacks box!

You can also try out 1 month snacks box, containing “6 all natural, 100% non-GMO snacks from around the world” for $4.

  1. go to
  2. add “pay every month – $19” to cart
  3. use code “SNACKNOW” during checkout
  4. note that shipping to office address gets you $1 reward/box shipped
$4 snacks box


You can check Grant’s review of Taste of France box at travelwithgrant. Alternatively, check out these videos on youtube.


A around the world snackbox containing 6 items for $4 is a fantastic deal. Two Try the World (South Africa and Chile) boxes for $33.15 is also a good deal. You’re practially paying $16.58 for each box when one month subscription typically costs $39.



  1. Does this mean I’m essentially getting the first box of South African snacks with a free one-time box of Chilean snacks?

  2. sooo I was this close to pulling the trigger. but then I decided to google these clowns. and nothing but negative/1star reviews recently. lol I dunno if they’ve already crashed & burned — or orders have overwhelmed em. either way think I’m gonna skip em for now due to how unresponsive their customer service seems to be. some folks are speculating that they’re having a lotta probs managing daily ops & thus might be on the verge of closing/going out of biz.

    I was tempted by the $4 snack box just to try em out. normally, wouldnt pause for a 2nd thought. cause you can always file a chargeback etc. but I really wanted some snacks quick & these guys seem to be really incompetent. even hyatt pulled out of their partnership w em … so I’m not gonna venture down this obvious headache path either lol.

    • good find, I’ll edit that in. I was wondering why I could not find any trace of Try the World partnership with Hyatt anymore. Anway, I’ve already made multiple orders so if worst happens I can do a charge back.

      • Have you received any of em? Have any even changed status to ship? I am genuinely curious as to the quality & taste of these snacks. It’s just too bad this company is going bust or is run by rather daft folks.

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