Beautiful Far-West Nepal

This is the PART 2 of Nepal is Beautiful.

In the previous post I avoided sharing pictures from Sudur Pashchim (Far-West) Nepal because I wanted to post Sundar Surur Pashchim (Beautiful Far-West) as a separate post. The main reason for doing so is because most of the places listed in this post aren’t even googlable. In fact, some of these places are so obscure most folks living in Far-West Nepal have never heard of these places. Anyway, I wanted to put something out there for those 10 people that eventually end up googling stuff like “the swing at Tirpura” or “Bhamkeshwar in Daijee”.

Before I forget Far-West Nepal (wiki link) is essentially 1/5 Developmental Region in Nepal. It comprises of 2/14 zones of Nepal or 9/75 district in Nepal.


1. Abandoned Nest


This is a picture of me holding an abandoned nest. I was told that the bird had long abandoned the nest after laying these eggs.

2. In the middle of nowhere

travelling south from Baitadi

This picture was taken while travelling south from Baitadi on a bus. For all I know this could be Doti but I can’t say for sure.

3. The Mahakali river

a view of Mahakali river from a hill in Baitadi

The river you see is above picture is the Mahakali (literally translates to Great Kali) river. Everything you see across the river (top part of the picture) is India while the rest (bottom part of the picture) is Nepal. The town seen in bottom right is called Sheera. Now to get to Sheera we had to descend a hill known as saat bisauni (literally means seven resting place). Let’s just say we made wayyy more than 7 stops while climbing back up. But the locals do it with ease, or at least they struggle far less than we did. As we were descending through a steep shortcut of saat bisauni a local women was climbing through this very steep shortcut with a ton of weight in her namlo (bamboo basket like doko  but has a head strap)…

4. The Swing of Tirpura Sundari

Tirpura Sundari is the most renowned temple in Baitadi district and is located in a beautiful hilltop about 15 minutes away from Dasharathchand, headquater of Baitadi. Legends have it that the Tirpura devi herself ocassionally plays in the swing displayed above.

swing of Tirpura Sundari, Baitadi

5. Pine Forest

descending from Ghotlapani, Baitadi

Ghotlapani is the last bus stop to Baitadi. Afterward we slowly descended down to eventually meet the Mahakali river.


6. Kurala

Kurala, Thaligada, Baitadi

This picture was taken in a small town (consists of around 10 houses) called Kurala located in Thaligada of Baitadi district.

7. Bhamkeshwar

Bhamkeshwar, Daijee, Kanchanpur

I previously said Tirpura is the most recognized temple in Baitadi and I will add that pilgrims from neighboring Indian village come to worship Tirpura….and yet it does not have a wikipedia page. Naturally Bhamkeshwar temple, which lies in Daijee village development committee with less than 7k population, is going to be near impossible to google.

That said, I’ve been told that not long ago (10-15 years max) this used to be a junglish place. It still is located in the middle of nowhere. People come here to worship, swim, and take a bath. Oh and that is spring water.


8. Holi Hooooo

Dharampur, Daijee, Kanchanpur

Holi, a Hindu festival of colors, falls in spring season. Here you see a group of men passing through the field as they go to neighboring houses to play Holi in their yard.

9. Wheat Field

Dharampur, Daijee, Kanchanpur

Very similar pic to the one right above but I what can I say I like fields.

10. Suspended Bridge

Suspended Bridge, Dharampur, Daijee, Kanchanpur
Dharampur, Sisaya, Kanchanpur

I’ve a soft spot for jhulangai puul (suspended bridge) so you get two of them. Now just a FYI the Dodhara Chadani bridge (length 496.5 m) is a actually googlable.

11. Friendly Neighborhood Peacock

A friendly neighborhood peakcock

This peakcock (or peahen or peachick?) was found in Chatakpur of Dhangadhi. Me and my bud were travelling in a bike to a friends house and out of the blue this little fella comes to greet us in the road. I later learned that this fella comes around the neighborhood very often and locals tend to feed it.

12. Shiva Puri Dham

Shiva Puri Dham, Dhangadhi, Kailali

I’ve witnessed construction of this site for over a year and yet it still baffles me that someone spent so much money to create a (relatively) large yet new religious site in a city like Dhangadhi. I guess s/he will be find considering the fact that religious investment in Nepal rarely fail.

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