Churning Internet Bill – RCN

I’ve had done this trick once or twice in the past but had not bothered to do it as of late. Eventually the bill became noticeably large that I had to pick up my phone and perform the trick again. The essence of this trick is as follows:

  1. Call RCN and ask to transfer bill over to someone else in the same address (think spouse, parents, siblings, etc).
  2. Ask for a new customer promo rate.
  3. Repeat above steps every 12 months.

The whole process is rather painless. I was assisted in generation of new username/password, my RCN account number increased by 1….and that is about it. My net was not disconnected at any time. It was sufficient for only new bill bearer to be present on the phone. When everything was set and done I ended up getting

  • my monthly bill reduced by $20
  • upgraded from 50 Mb/10 Mb to 155 Mb/15 Mb “permanently”

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