DEAD: Chicago – Three 12 Inch Sarpino’s Pizza for $7.99

This deal might exist in a Sarpino’s near you so you might want to check those first at If you live up north, the store in Montrose is offering three 12” pizza for $7.99 which comes out to be $8.81 after tax. You can tip while ordering or during delivery.

You can order from said Montrose store by following the link below and selecting #333 deal.

Three 12” Pizza for $7.99

Remember that Sarpino’s recently underwent loyalty changes so you might have couple of free $10 coupons in your account. I sure did and all of them were expiring on 9/6/2017. Unfortunately tip won’t count towards the coupon code, the coupons cannot be combined, and the entire value of the coupon is consumed regardless of your purchase value. I ended up upgrading one of the 12” pizza to a 14” pizza and it came out right at $9.99.



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