Breaking Down Amazon Dash Button

Let me get something out of the way – if you’re looking at Dash Button deal then you’re probably the type who likes to maximize deals as much as they can. In that case this post is probably perfect for you.

But before I jump further let me remind you of the current dash button deal – buy 1 Dash button for $4.99 and get 2 free (Doc slickdeals).

Off the top of my head here are some little known things:

  • Do not buy “Glad Dash Button” as it did not work for someone I know. Also multiple posts on slickdeals report trouble with Glad button as well.
  • Dash button credit does not stack. In other words, this will be $4.99 off each other.
  • Registering same Dash button on multiple account will not trigger multiple credits
  • I don’t think the Dash button credit expire. You do need to click that thing by the end of the year though.
  • You can check your balance by going through this link
  • You don’t need to make an order. Just quit the dash button process when it asks you to select an item.

Anyway, now off to the heart of this post – breaking down the dash button lol

Yay, a “free” Duracell Ultra battery.



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