Another “Unlimited” Uber Deal Dies

Few weeks ago I wrote about a Dead Deal: “Unlimited” Uber Credit. In the end of the said post I had mentioned that there was another “unlimited” deal going. Well, the working deal I was talking about has been dead for 7 days and I suppose it is time to reveal it.

You might ask “why reveal a deal after it is dead?” It shows you what was once possible but perhaps more importantly it (hopefully) forces you to think outside the box and unveil deals of your own.

What was the “unlimited” deal?

This deal revolved entirely around Uber Visa Local Offers. In order to access Visa Local Offers you need to go to “Settings” and then click on “Visa Local Offers”. Enrollment to this offer requires that you have a visa card added to your uber account. What if you your location does not qualify? Location can be spoofed with gps apps but proceed at your own risk.

One of the offer within Visa Local Offers was 10% cashback in form of uber credit on spend at whole foods. The interesting part is that you could go to whole food with  a visa debit card (that was added to to your account), purchase anything (say a banana), ask for $100 cashback, and boom you would end up with $10+ (plus part comes from 10% of whatever you bought) uber credit. Unfortunately uber has patched this up and cashback does not generate uber credit anymore.

Oh and I believe at some point some folks reported that buying gift card at staples (another Visa Local Offer) yielded them with uber credit. I am pretty certain buying gift card does not generate uber credit anymore.


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