ABUSE: I got Citi Price Rewind Refund TWICE on same item!

Everyone knows Citi has a long list of glitches, bugs, and loopholes that people have abused. Well, here is another ABUSE that I ran into by accident. I will keep calling it an abuse of the system because honestly there is no other way to describe it. The first time I noticed this abuse I thought it was pretty funny but then I kind of felt bad about getting free money that I otherwise should not have gotten.

For a while now I’ve held on to not sharing this information but at this point I feel like my desire to share knowledge supersedes my desire to keep this abuse a secret. Now, just to clear things up – I was not trying to keep this a secret so I could abuse it myself. I’ve not bothered filing a price rewind claim since I noticed of this abuse. I think at this point making data point (DP) a public info might actually help get rid of the abuse all together.


What did you do?

A while ago I bought an item and submitted some information on citipricerewind. This website automatically tracks price of your item for 60 days and should the price lower, you are automatically credit for the price difference. A little after I submitted the information I noticed that the price of the item was significantly lower in a different site and it wasn’t being tracked automatically.

I searched a little and quickly ran into the following on the same website:

If you don’t see your exact item in the database or if you find a lower published price on your own, you may download the reimbursement request form and submit via e-mail, mail or fax.

Needless to say I filled the reimbursement form and send it to Citi.

The Result

I got money refunded to me twice through Citi Price Rewind…on the same item nonetheless. That’s right the online price rewind tracker gave me refund once (8.xx) then so did the rebate form (26.xx). As you can see in the screenshot below, both items have the same reference number. I don’t feel confident sharing dates and numbers hence some details are omitted from the screenshot.



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