This blog more or less started as a memory vault. I was (and clearly still am) invested in churning and I just wanted to save some memories like my 2016 churning report. You know, down the road I wanted there to be something I could look back and go “ahh, fun times”. I did similar thing with video games. I occasionally posted gaming videos on my youtube channel. I didn’t bother to promote it much yet to my own surprise it found some success. At it’s peak the channel had  ~2k subscribers and some videos getting views like 20k, 40k, and even 200k. Eventually I stopped uploading videos when video games I liked died down.

Anyway, while this blog started as a memory vault, it has found some purpose to other folks beside me. A huge focus of this blog is on guides. The Beginner’s Chase Guide was written in this blog and later became sidebar content on r/churning. Another guide Anti-Churning Rules that originated in this blog became sidebar content on r/churning. Other guides I’ve posted include How to get 2cpp on FlexPointsWhat Card to use on AmazonThe Ultimate Wombo Combo, and How profitable is AT&T Access More via Plastiq?

Another huge focus of this blog is on little known things such as Getting 40k Match on Citi TY Biz Card and How to Get Paid $100 to Keep Citi Prestige. Furthermore, since this is a small blog I can get away with revealing some glitches and bugs such as How to Lower Plastiq Fee (expired) and How to Potentially get Citi to Price Rewind on same Item Twice (risky).

Last but not least, you can expect to see trip report and travel guides from my recent Nepal visit. I’ve started by reviewing all 4 major international hotel chains in Nepal namely Hyatt Regency Kathmandu (review #2), Radisson Blu KathmanduIHG Crown Plaza Kathmandu – Soaltee. and Marriott Fairfield Kathmandu. A trip report to Mustang, kingdom beyond the Himalayas, has been posted. I’ve also posted a two part photo series called “Nepal is beautiful” (part 1, part 2). Oh and there’s also a guide on surfing net and making calls while in Nepal. I’m doing this pretty much to help travelers who plan to go to Nepal and somehow end up reading this blog. At the moment the internet isn’t exactly the most resourceful place when it comes to getting travel tips for Nepal visit.