Confirmed: 3x and 5x MR earning on MPX is back!

Now Confirmed!

Amex Platinum Earns 5x on MPX

In above picture you can clearly see that Amex Platinum is in fact generating 5x on a MileagePlus X (MPX) purchase. It can take quite some while before you get your 5x and that might be one reason why this deal isn’t being noticed. On 7th of August I purchased $25 Amazon gift card but I had to wait till 21st of August for 5x to show up in MR statement page.

That said, PRG should also earn 3x on MPX. While I don’t have first hand experience of 3x earning, I think it is fair to trust DP of 3x earning.


Originally posted on Jun 26, 2017

For a while now I’ve seen scattered reddit DPs of 3x and 5x MR earning on MPX for PRG and Platinum cards respectively. At first I thought these were false DPs but the repetitive occurrence of these DPs across multiple platforms hints otherwise. However, the issue with these reddit DPs is that I can’t find them anymore. I suspect they’ve been deleted and I now feel that I’ve been too unwise to not screenshot them.

I recall a recent DP claimed 5x earning on Schwab platinum and it actually had proof to back up the claim. Before making this post I went over my reddit “saved” post history and I couldn’t find the said comment anymore. Anyhow, for now following is what we have:

I’ll add more when/if I can find some of the other one I’m referring to.



  1. Ok, per the “pending points” section, MPX is still earning 5x on Platinum, however looking at the statement, the “5x” symbol stopped appearing on MPX purchases from Nov. 3rd onward.

    Not sure if that is a glitch, or the “pending points” will be revised downward.

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