12k RawSpiceBar Drop Offer: Remember Other Offers Exist!

Currently, drop is offering up to 25k points on RawSpliceBar subscription:

  • 12k for quarterly subscription (costs $26) or
  • 25k with annual subscription (cost $88)
25k offer on rawspicebar

Terms and Conditions

The terms and condition for this offer can be found by clicking here but the gist of it is that

  • User must sign-up using a Drop linked card.
  • User must be a new customer.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other offers with RawSpiceBar.

Other Deals

  • there is $10 referral bonus
  • you can earn 1k swag bucks (worth $10) with quarterly or annual subscription

My Thoughts

If you make use of swag bucks offer then you’ll pay $26 for:

  • 12k Drop points (worth $12 in giftcard)
  • 1k SB (worth $10)
  • stuff that gets shipped

If you use $10 referral discount then could get everything above for $16. But remember that these subscriptions have exact charge of $26 or $88 and should your Drop points not post automatically (which happens a lot) you’ll have to get contact support and a human will look at your charge…and said human may not like the fact that you somehow got a discount.

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